Welcome to 10 Minute Email

What is 10 Minute Mail?

10 Minute Mail is a safe and secure temporary or disposable email service.

This unique approach will let you have an exclusive private email address which usually can be used by any individual to receive emails from other parties or websites where you don’t want to give out your personal email address.

The temporary generated email address will certainly self destruct within 10 minutes, but if you want to extend the 10 minutes duration, you have the ability to do so simply by clicking give me 10 more minutes every time you need more time and by using the ten minute email service providers you don’t have to worry about spam.

Why should you use the 10 Minute Email services?

Finally, the most frequent reason to use a temporary or disposable email service provider like 10 Minute Email is usually in the event that you are required to provide an email address to a website you do not completely trust.

These days some websites force the visitors to register to be able to discover the contents. A lot of those websites will possibly send you spam emails for months or years, a whole lot worse, they will sell your personal email address to the large scale spammy missions.

The 10 Minute Mail makes it possible for one to conveniently provide an email address that will not be available or active after 10 minutes.

In the event that the registration requires verification through link click, then in that case you are able to easily receive the email in your temporary email address and click the link which was sent to your email address to verify your 10 Minute Email where you recently registered.

Can i send emails from the 10 Minute Mail service?

The ten minute emails are the addresses that can only receive emails from other parties and unfortunately, it does not allow you to send email messages right from your temporary or disposable generated email by the ten minute email service providers.